The 27th session of the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP 27), November 2022, Egypt.

CEPMLP alumnus, Kangwa-Musole George Chisanga, said:

“1) I’m excited that Africa will host such an event. The Global South should take a lot of pride in this development as we are ready to contribute more than just votes at meetings. Africa’s indigenous wisdom and knowledge is a key part of the Green Economy that can finally be appreciated and applied.

2. As regards the agenda of the event, the enhancement of skills and technology transfer can be improved in the shared interest of combatting climate change. An example of a solution I would propose (if I were speaking to leaders) is to propose significant subsidies on telecommunications equipment. Smartphones, for example, can be pre-loaded with relevant climate smart data and applications that are user-friendly for those in lower income brackets who use the least sustainable development methods.”

CEPMLP alumna, Susan Nakanwagi, said:

“A vote of thanks to the countries (e.g. Uganda, Gambia and various small island / coastal nations) whose emissions are on the low scale but have submitted their updated nationally determined contributions (NDCs) on time, ahead of COP 27.

The main concern for most of these is adaptation to the adverse effects of climate change. In contrast we are yet to see significant emission reduction commitments from the major polluters. We must move from mere commitments to tangible actions!”